Bake Care


A recipe for polish, cookies, and good vibes.

What is it?

Bake Care was a game I built for a game jam hosted by Extra Credits in 2020. The jam's theme was "Take Care," and after going through a difficult few weeks leading up to the event, I decided to make a silly game about baking cookies. I made all the art pastel, round, cute, and fun and focused the project/'s visual aspects and general game-feel. I aimed to make the project as polished as possible in the limited time available. The gameplay consists of getting a random recipe and baking to its specifications using the ingredients on the table, placing the dough on a baking sheet, and seeing how the cookies came out. It's inspired by cooking mini-games in games I played growing up, like in the Nancy Drew franchise. I spent most of the jam perfecting the visual aspects and testing the mechanics and game loop over and over until I felt like it read clearly, and that the charm and heart I was trying to convey came across. I iterated on how the specific interactions between the player and the game worked to reach a state where there's some level of effort, but that it maintained the chill, relaxed and laid-back vibe I was going for. During the jam, I was also a mod for the jam's community spaces and managed to answer questions and the chat for the finale stream to keep things running smoothly.


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