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Web Dev

A display of design, and programming prowess

What is it?

I created this website entirely from scratch. Initially bootstrapped using Gatsby, I built up from that foundation to fill this site with content and style. All the pages and layouts on the site were designed and implemented by me, including the contact form, which hooks into Netlify to pass along interest messages. I sketched up layout designs in my notebook and developed that into the final designs you see now. All the art/self-portraits used are also drawn and rendered by me! I wanted this project to serve as a living resume, featuring my work history, information about me, and a list of notable projects I worked on or contributed to. It serves as both a source of that information and a demonstration of my abilities as both a designer and a developer. I aimed to make it as delightful and smooth to use as possible and tested it on multiple devices throughout development to ensure it was responsive and accessible.


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